How to Get AI on Snapchat: Unleashing the Power of Artificial Intelligence

How to Get AI on Snapchat

Snapchat has evolved from a simple photo-sharing app to a dynamic platform that embraces technological advancements like artificial intelligence (AI). Imagine adding a touch of AI magic to your snaps and stories, making your content more engaging and personalized. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of integrating AI into your Snapchat experience, showcasing how to get AI on Snapchat in a few simple steps.


Snapchat’s integration of AI brings exciting possibilities to the world of social media. From interactive filters to personalized recommendations, AI enhances user engagement and creativity. By following our guide, you can unlock the potential of AI on Snapchat and take your content to the next level.

How to Get AI on Snapchat?

AI on Snapchat can be harnessed through various features and tools. Here’s a step-by-step process to get AI on Snapchat

Update Your App

Before diving into AI-powered features, ensure that your Snapchat app is updated to the latest version. AI enhancements are often included in updates to provide a seamless experience.

Explore AI Filters

Open the Snapchat camera and swipe through the available filters. Look for filters marked as “AI” or “Smart Filters.” These filters use AI algorithms to add dynamic elements to your photos and videos, such as interactive backgrounds and virtual objects.

Try Voice-Controlled Lenses

Snapchat’s AI-driven lenses respond to voice commands. After selecting a lens, follow the on-screen instructions to activate voice control. Speak the designated keyword to trigger animations and effects.

Utilize AR Try-Ons

Certain sponsored lenses allow you to virtually try on products, such as makeup or accessories. AI analyzes your facial features to provide a realistic preview of how the items will look on you.

Create Personalized Bitmojis

Bitmojis are personalized avatars that reflect your unique style. Snapchat’s AI analyzes your selfies and helps you create a Bitmoji that closely resembles you. Use Bitmojis in chats, stories, and snaps to add a personal touch.

Discover AI-Powered Recommendations

Snapchat’s Discover page utilizes AI to recommend content based on your interests and engagement patterns. Explore articles, videos, and stories that align with your preferences.

Engage with AI-Generated Stories

Snapchat’s AI curates stories from user-generated content. These stories are tailored to your location and interests, providing a snapshot of events and trends in your area.

Use AI for Video Editing

Snapchat’s AI-powered video editing tools can enhance your clips with music, captions, and transitions. Simply upload your video, choose an editing style, and let AI do the rest.

Leverage AI-Based Analytics

If you’re a business or content creator, Snapchat provides AI-driven analytics. Gain insights into your audience demographics, engagement rates, and content performance to refine your strategy.

FAQs about Getting AI on Snapchat

Can I use AI filters on older versions of Snapchat?

Yes, AI filters are typically available on newer versions of Snapchat. To access these features, it’s recommended to update your app to the latest version.

How accurate are AR try-ons?

AR try-ons are designed to provide a realistic preview of products, but variations in lighting and screen quality.

Is my personal data safe when using AI on Snapchat?

Snapchat takes user privacy seriously. While AI features may analyze your content, Snapchat’s privacy policies aim to protect your data from unauthorized use.

Can I create multiple Bitmojis?

Yes, you can create multiple Bitmojis to express different styles or moods. Snapchat’s AI will assist you in generating Bitmojis that reflect your chosen characteristics.

Snapchat’s AI-generated stories are curated based on your location and interests. This ensures that the content is relevant and aligned with your preferences.

How can businesses benefit from AI-based analytics?

Businesses can use AI-based analytics on Snapchat to understand their audience better, tailor their content strategy, and optimize their marketing efforts for improved engagement.


Adding AI to your  experience opens up a world of creativity and personalization. From AI filters to voice-controlled lenses, Snapchat’s AI features empower you to create captivating content that resonates with your audience. By following our guide on how to get AI on Snapchat, you can tap into the potential of AI and take your social media game to new heights.

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